1. Where do you download your custom content?

    A. Usually I’ll download it from one of these 3 websites

    The Sims Resource
    Mod The Sims
    Tumblr #TheSims4cc #TS4CC #SIMS4CC
    Random Google Searches

    Q. What do you use to record your videos?

    A. Fraps, because it’s super simple ❤

    Q. What Are Your Sims 4 Settings?:

    A. Mostly High: Fullscreen Windowed 😉

  2. When is the next LP part?

    A. When Get Together comes out (maybe)

    Other Videos I Do:

    Let’s Build Videos
    Renovations (Coming Soon)
    Create A Sim
    Challenges (Coming Soon)
    Current Household (Coming Soon)

    Q. Will you check out my channel and give me advice?

    A.  Of course, contact me via my social media!

    Q. I like your banners. Will You make me one?

    A. Requests are currently: Open

    Q.  How Do You Make Your Thumbnails?

    A. Go HERE, For my How To Section 🙂

    Q.  What Are Your COMPUTER Specs? 

    A. Check out Behind the Scenes for the details.